The Thu Thiem Zeit River project, invested by Vietnam GS Enterprise, is located on Nguyen Co Thach street, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City. Considered a potential project that provides 6-star luxury infrastructures, the Thu Thiem Zeit project can supply up to 817 apartments for accommodation and recreation with a system of utilities that can meet all the needs of residents.

Distributor: Hung Phat Real Estate

Hotline: 0909.477.288 – 079.679.6789


Name of project: Thu Thiem Zeit River

Location: Nguyen Co Thach street, Vong Cung Boulevard and Central Lakeside Street, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City.

Investor: Vietnam GS Enterprise

Developer: GS Engineering & Construction (GS E&C)

Constructor: GS E&C

Architect: GS E&C

Construction density: 40%

Infrastructure: 1-2 basements, 4 storey podium, 6 blocks with a range from 12 to 32 floors

Gross floor area: 232.439 m2

Total project area: 33.282 m2

Amenities: park, swimming pool, gym club, shopping mall

Procedure: finish

Legal: house ownership certificate

Started construction date: December, 2021

Expected completion date (taking over date): 2023


The Thu Thiem Zeit river project is ideally located at the frontage of Nguyen Co Thach Street, Thu Thiem, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, which connects Thu Thiem urban area and other important areas in Ho Chi Minh city easily without wasting too much time. Specifically:

Thu Thiem Central Square: 2 minutes

Thu Thiem pedestrian bridge: 3 minutes

Cat Lai junction: 3 minutes

Phu My Hung Urban Area: 10 minutes

Saigon Bridge or central districts (District 1, 3 and 5): 10 minutes

Meanwhile, as surrounded by the Saigon River, the perfect and prosperous location of this project supplies a green, peaceful and harmonious living space, bringing relaxation and tranquility to customers without losing modern and luxurious style.


With a scale of 3.3 hectares and gross floor area of 232.439 m2, the Thu Thiem Zeit River project comprises of 6 blocks including 250 apartments, 20 shophouse and 10 townhouses with a range from 12 to 32 floors in height. Therefore, the base block of the 4-storey tower is for commerce and service; from the 5th floor onwards is for the business of buying and selling apartments for accommodation.

In addition, the project campus includes a system of service utilities to fulfill all of the demands of residents, including parking, a BBQ area, a commercial center, a swimming pool, a rooftop restaurant, a community room, a gym, and spa facilities.

BENEFITS (Utilities)

The Thu Thiem Zeit apartment has a number of amenities with a luxurious design to provide the finest quality of life for future occupants. Inhabitants will certainly have the opportunities to access to all of the fantastic amenities both inside and outside the area, including high-end and 24/7 secured living spaces.

Targeting the high-income target group, who are looking for a location that is both convenient and fresh in today’s metropolitan environment, which is rapidly losing natural green places. Parks and corridors around the Zeit River Thu Thiem are lush with greenery. A gorgeous garden is created when a cool fountain is added. Both sides of the road are equipped with lighting systems, which are especially useful at night. Make this a romantic setting for dates and discussions.

The infinity pool and sports gymnasium include the most up-to-date equipment, as well as spa services. Providing people with opportunities to unwind and improve their health without having to leave the building.

The design of a library within a city is also a significant plus. When reading culture starts to fade away. The library has an appealing design that piques residents’ interest and piques their curiosity. Children will return frequently to expand their understanding. A civilized and healthy lifestyle away from the internet’s temptations is also important.

Outside the area stand international standard school system such as British International School, ACG, Australian International AIS,… where to nurture knowledge. Furthermore, the Thu Thiem Zeit river project is also near shopping malls, large shopping malls, and service hubs like Mega Market, Big C, or Vincom supermarkets (only 10-15 minutes away from all). Healthcare is also a criteria for picking the location of Zeit River in terms of medical services. Hoan My International Clinic, Thao Dien International Hospital are some examples of the external amenities that people evaluate when deciding whether or not to live and work in Zeit River Thu Thiem.


Apartments, pool villas, and penthouses with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms are gently created to give owners a contemporary living environment with low construction density and natural materials. The balcony is spacious and light-filled, with a panoramic view of the Saigon River.

The 1-2 bedroom apartments (57-84 m2) have been precisely planned, maximizing the useable area and providing plenty of natural light and open space, based on the City Garden project’s development expertise.

The project also provides a separate elevator system for 3 – 4 bedroom units in order to provide comfort and maximum privacy for owners. Each apartment at Thu Thiem Zeit River offers a big, roomy feel with ceiling heights of up to 3m in the living area including kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. To show the owner’s sophisticated style and taste, high-quality equipment and furniture imported from Europe are meticulously picked and honed.





Estimated selling price of the Thu Thiem Zeit river’s apartment:

– 1-bedroom apartment (50m2): $350,000

– 2 bedroom apartment (70m2): $ 490,000

– 3-bedroom apartment (100m2): $700,000

– 4-bedroom apartment (140m2): $980,000

– Penthouse (250m2): $2,000,000

Selling price of Thu Thiem apartment Zeit river rumor from 7000-8000 USD/m2 (including VAT and 2% apartment maintenance fee).


Payment installment

Content billing


Sign a sales contract

Sign a sales contract



After two months from the date of signing the sales contract



After 2 months from the 1st payment date



After 2 months from the 2nd payment date



After 2 months from the 3rd payment date



After 2 months from the 4th payment date



After 2 months from the 5th payment date



After 2 months from the 6th payment date



After 2 months from the 7th payment date



After 2 months from the 8th payment date



Receive notice of house handover


25% + 2%maintenance fee



Receive notice of handover of home ownership certificate




GS E&C has also cooperated with major banks to assist customers in purchasing the Thu Thiem Zeit River project. Customers only need to choose to buy a house, then proceed with installment payments.




The Thu Thiem Zeit river project is invested by GS Enterprise (VGSE) – a member company of GS Engineering & Construction Group (GS E&C). Aiming at contributing to the positve and effective infrastructure development in Vietnam, after 15-year founded in the real estate, GS E&C has made many achievements by participating in the construction and investment of plenty of important projects such as the expressway from Hanoi Hai Phong, Vam Con bridge, Pham Van Dong street, Vinh Thinh bridge, Metro line 1, Nghi Son oil refinery, etc.


HOTLINE: 0909.477.288 – 079.679.6789


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